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Coupa Cafe

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4.0 2013-08-26

Excellent cafe with a comprehensive, Venezuelan-inspired menu, and a beautiful display case of pastries and baked goods. This is certainly not gourmet dining at its finest, but for a cafe and bakery, the solid food items are definitely above average, with reasonably good arepas and cachapas, as well as more mainstream brunch, salad, sandwich, and panini offerings. The coffee drinks are decent, and the sometimes exquisite barista foam art is a nice extra touch. Some of the bottled beers are also surprisingly good.While it can get busy and cramped, there's often more room than meets the eye if you look closely enough or are willing to share a table. There are smaller tables for 2 in the main area of the cafe, a more communal study area in back, and plenty of tables out front with a nice view of the street. A word to the wise: this is probably not the place for large groups - let's say more than 4 people.Every time I've been here, there are many different folks here - whether people talking business, folks on first dates, small groups/families making a light meal or a dessert out of it, or grad students/adults studying and working in the back. Mark down Coupa as one Palo Alto establishment that's definitely unique and raising the bar.

4.0 2013-08-23

We love coming here for coffee and dessert! Really delicious Venezuelan coffee. The tres leches dessert is just the way they make it in Venezuela where I'm from. We did try the food once, and it was okay. Not comparable to restaurant food, as it is a cafe.  The food didn't impress us that much (actually was served very cold when the food should have been warm as it was beans, plantains, rice, meat, and arepas), but definitely love the coffee and dessert here.

3.0 2013-08-19

Not bad, but not the best breakfast.  Kids hot chocolates were a hit w/ the cute pics they do on-top.  Food was all fine, but nothing memorable....but not bad either.  We had the waffle, ham fritatta, and a crepe with lox.  I think of the three the crepe was the way to go.

3.0 2013-08-19

Came here for lunch with a good friend of mine.  I ordered the perico platter and she got the french toast with a hot chocolate.  My perico platter is a breakfast scramble with onions and bell peppers.  It also comes with an arepa with some of the scramble inside and a side of fruit.  I wasn't really impressed with my scramble or arepa; it was just okay.  My friend enjoyed her french toast and hot chocolate though.  Don't get my wrong, the food wasn't bad, it just wasn't great either.  I doubt I'll be coming back.      The place itself is cramp and dark.  I also thought it was kind of dirty.

2.0 2013-08-18

It seems people in the Bay Area have never experienced decent food...or good service for that matter.  Service:What garbage.  I've been there about 4 times.  Every single time, there is an issue with a coffee order.  Mainly because they just make stuff, and put it out there.  When they do call a name, you can't understand what they're saying.  Also, what's the point of serving coffee (or whatever) a good 20 minutes before your food comes.  I prefer enjoying a coffee with my food...But that's just me. Drinks (Coffee, Chai, and Hot Chocolate):Their coffee is decent.  Nothing real special, Dunkin Donuts is a good step above in flavor.  I've the Tiger Spice, and Vanilla Chais; both pretty bland and generic flavor.  Tiger spice barely has enough spice to notice.  Vanilla chai taste like a Starbucks drink you can buy in stores.  Hot Chocolate is pathetic.  It's just milk and a mix.  I know, because I watched him make it, because he somehow missed my order.  I could have done that at home, and still made better hot chocolate.  It wasn't thick cream with real chocolate and milk.  It might as well have been some Nesquick.Food:I've had multiple sweet and regular style crepes.  All are pretty bland and flavorless.  Could use a lot more filling.  Skimping hardcore.  Haven't tried their sandwiches, and not going to.  The empandas are weak!  The pastry part taste like the "corn" on a corndog.  The filling, again, pretty much flavorless.  Empandas are suppose to be a pocket of molten hot goodness.  For example, the fried plantans and queso would have been delicious IF they fried the plantans in syrup, and used stronger cheese, all cooked at a very high temp to be nice and melty.  These were a piss poor excuse.  A "Hot Pocket" is closer than Coupas garbage.Downtown Palo Alto has a lot more to offer.

5.0 2013-08-18

Coupa has great cappuccino & dessert, decent food, friendly staff and warm atmosphere. It's the kind of the place that staff will know you by name after a few visits. I've been coming here for a year. Manager, George , runs a smooth operation. Employee turn over is  low and service is good. Julio is the master barista. He makes great cappuccino. If he's not busy ask him for a "Homer Simpson".Pesto chicken, ham panini and mango mousse are on my list. They also make a great mint lemonade.

4.0 2013-08-14

Great coffee and baked goods!  Great atmosphere as well.

1.0 2013-08-14

This review is SOLELY for the customer service/ employees that work there.Nothing to do with the desserts/food/drinks. I LOVE Coupa.I went to Coupa last night around 10 with one of my boys, and the place was packed as usual. We had asked for two desserts and there was a new employee who didn't know which dessert we were talking about. That's understandable. A man who seemed like a shift lead tried tell us the dessert the new employee had brought out was the exact same one I had requested. UM NO. The one HE brought out had coconut on top of the cake and no chocolate. I can SEE the dessert I WANT through the glass. Wtf? My friend is a VERY sweet guy and he told the (shift lead?) that HE was sorry and maybe he wasn't more specific to which the shift lead rolled his eyes and said "Yeah..." RUDE.Then, as we're sitting down, we observe another customer come up to the shift lead asking about the two coffees he had ordered 10 minutes ago. Shift lead told him they had been sitting out there for the past 10 minutes. The man told him he thought they brought it to the table to which the shift lead responded "No, no we never bring things out to the table. We called your name 10 minutes ago." The man then asked how hot the coffees were-- and the shift lead very rudely said "Ok, do you want your coffee re-made...Ok thank you, thank you" without even letting the man speak. HOW condescending! Why TF are you treating customers like they're a burden? That's not your job.As soon as this man heads back to his table, the shift lead VERY loudly, publicly says to another employee "How many times do we call their name?! I don't like THIS, I don't like THAT..." How freaking unprofessional. Shame on you. You suck. You DEF killed our vibe last night. We didn't even finish our desserts.

3.0 2013-08-06

The food here is mediocre and overpriced, but the coffee is excellent! They put all sorts of fancy designs on the top of your latte, but they also have a French press, which I really enjoy. The place can fill up quickly and get quite loud. The inside of the restaurant just doesn't smell right, but luckily there's outdoor seating. There's also free wi-fi (you don't have to like it on Facebook - you can skip that part). Don't buy the chocolates, they are over $2 a piece, tiny, and very unpleasant tasting.

3.0 2013-08-06

Hot chocolate was kind of weak - I prefer European style sipping chocolate I guess. A great place to catch up with friends though - the interior is cute with more of a rustic / country feeling

4.0 2013-08-06

This place is a really cute semi- hole in the wall. I almost missed the front door because its kind of in a nook thingie and there were a lot of people crowding around it.Surprisingly though the cafe goes pretty far inwards so theres decent amount of seating. They have really cute and fancy looking desserts and the front display case has cute little chocolates.At first I thought the cake slices were a little price $5-6 for one slice? but they are pretty heavy I had to take mine to-go, which was a bad decision because SOMEONE ate out of my fridge by the time I went to eat it again. -.- The latte was yummy :) I love it when I get coffee to drink at a cafe and they make it all pretty. And the ginormous cups I also love :3 heehee. Anyways! free wifi so I was there just applying for jobs (yay! #funemployed!) and getting stuff done hehe. If you're trying to be there awhile I would suggest sitting in the back, the front area gets a little crowded.

5.0 2013-08-05

I am absolutely in love with Coupa!! It's my favorite coffee shop--if I lived closer, I would be there every day! Their hot chocolates, chais, espressos, and frappes are all amazing--my personal favorite being the tiger spice chai. They also have great crepes and cute truffles on display. The ambiance is the final touch about Coupa that makes it the perfect spot. The hint of exotic flair added to the comfort of a traditional coffee shop ensure a great experience every time!

5.0 2013-08-05

Coupa is one of my favorite places to eat/hang out in Palo Alto.  It's good whether you're there alone working on a paper or catching up with a friend.  And then there's the food... not only does their menu have variety (it includes everything from crepes to pasta to empanadas) but it's also original.  Personally, I would recommend the arepas--all of them.

4.0 2013-07-31

There is just so much to love about Coupa. It's always pretty crowded, full of people catching up with old friends or those deeply entranced by their Macbooks - but there is a reason we all flock there!1. The drinks. From lattes to hot chocolate, it's all wonderful and delicious. Try them all!2. The food. All the pastries/cakes in the display case and the brunch items off the menu are excellent (hello, how can you go wrong with a crispy warm waffle topped GENEROUSLY with nutella and strawberries, for example??)3. The vibe. It is at once both laid back and cool. You can stop in for a treat after a nice meal down the street or stroll in wearing PJs to cram for a final - everyone's welcome.Paly usually has pretty good public/free parking availability, even if you have to go a few blocks further or circle for a few minutes. Never a problem for me.

1.0 2013-07-28

it's too bad, there's a really good assortment of dessert, but asking for an item and being told that's not that item, not once, but twice. today's slice of cake was delivered yesterday.

5.0 2013-07-24

One of the coziest, nicest brunch places I've been to. The Mimosa was a little pricey but probably the best I've had in a while. The hummus and bruschetta were delicious, especially the hummus. We got the Pesto Pasta and a simple veggie omelette for the main course and neither disappointed. One of my friends capped it off with the Caramel Macchiato and that was great too! It was a bright and shiny start to a bright and shiny Sunday, loved it.

3.0 2013-07-23

Empanadassss! They were quite yummy and came with 3 sauces. A spicy, a garlic creamy and a green one. This was the highlight of my lunch here. Each is a giant dumpling, about palm sized. The outside is a light crunch followed by a kinda sticky dough with some juicy meat fillings.Also got whatever signature corn thing which took the longest to come out, and ended up being MEH but made better by the 3 sauces^^^The salmon panini was decent, with a good sized side salad. But mostly, empanadas.

5.0 2013-07-19

This place is amazing! I came here on a Friday night for dinner and I love it that I didn't have to fight anyone for seats or have to wait in line to be seated. This place is perfect for that. It's very lax. I read that a lot of people recommend the Maya Hot Chocolate and I was not disappointed. When I got it, I was immediately blown away by how pretty it was. They made a dove and a heart with milk in the hot chocolate. It was so pretty! I kept taking pictures of it and found it really hard to mess it up by drinking it. When my boyfriend finally yelled at me to drink it because it was getting cold I took a sip and was even more impressed about how it tasted. If you like a little bit of spice in your chocolate, this is the hot chocolate for you. It meshed very well with the different flavors of the spices and chocolate. We also ordered a ham panini and a smoked salmon arepa. Both came with a salad. An arepa is like a corncake and a tortilla put together. I really enjoyed mine. It had some type of dressing on it with chives that was sandwiched between the arepa and smoked salmon. My boyfriend enjoyed his panini. My only complaint is that I thought they put way too much dressing on the salad. It as drenched in salad dressing. Otherwise, I loved this place. Service was also very nice and upbeat!

5.0 2013-07-17

I love this place. It's usually crowded but that's what I love about this cafe. Their Latte and Chai Latte is amazing. Specially good for weekend brunch.

4.0 2013-07-14

I have come here for drinks and pastries a few times. Not sure if this was always the case but this time I noticed that they have crepes and a bunch of Venezuelan dishes (Arepas) on their menu as well which is cool. The dulce de leche crepe was just OK but they get points for great location and being open till 11. This is a great place to people watch and watch folks stumble out of Nola's and Old Pro.

4.0 2013-07-10

This is the spot I go to when I need to get serious work done; I throw on my headphones and somehow feed off the constant bustling energy that circulates throughout the cafe. Busyness is a trademark of this spot, but I avoid it when it's TOO busy. Especially if you're like me and can't work on your laptop unless you're near a power outlet. Those can be found only in the front section of the cafe. Another drawback is the WiFi--available only on weekdays. But, limited WiFi and power outlets are the only drawbacks. Just about everything I've tried on the menu has been delicious, from the hot chocolate to the pasta dishes (the crepes are my favorite!). The vibe is tech-y (surprise, surprise) but occasionally you'll hear an interesting conversation. Lots of outdoor seating, too, for shooting the breeze with friends on warm summer afternoons.

4.0 2013-07-10

Get the tres leches dessert and you will not be disappointed.   I frequented the Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills as a UCLA student a few years ago and fell in love with the tres leches.  It tastes just as amazing, rich, and sweet at the Palo Alto location!

3.0 2013-07-06

Tried their cappuccino, not impressed. They seemed to have a good collection of pastries, but I did not try any.

4.0 2013-07-05

This place had reeeaaaalllyy good savory crepes. I also got the strong latte, it was a little bit too strong but had great flavor! I'll get the lighter one next time. My husband said they had the best sour cream he's had in his life lol

1.0 2013-07-04

I'm very dissapointed withtl the service and food here. Everything was low quality and slow service. We waited for the long time for the food to come our, but when we asked the server, she said "we got lots of order". Definitely unacceptable. We order a crepe, panini and arepas. All food were low quality and there is no care for the food. Salty and under season. Crepe batter is over mix and like a pancake feeling. Thick and super chewy. Chicken arepas tastes like tuna mix with mayo. There is nothing special with the food and taste like denny's. Not recommended and i'm not coming back

3.0 2013-07-04

A bit of a line, but the coffee drinks are great.  The layout in the restaurant causes the front tables to be right next to people waiting in line, so if you want privacy, probably not the place for you.  If you want good coffee and a lot of laptop workers surrounding you, then perfect.

3.0 2013-06-26

This hip, cozy café boasts organic and fair trade coffee from Venezuela. I ordered a small cup of their Spicy Maya ($3.50), which was topped with a delightful frothy design. The delicate balance between the fiery spices and rich chocolate was irresistible! A Mango Smoothie ($4.50) consisted of a mango blend, green tea infusion and organic kefir. This drink was rather disappointing. The flavor itself was mediocre at best and it had to be constantly stirred to keep the ingredients from separating. My friend and I both ordered Coupa Cafe's paninis, which are baked daily and made from organic wheat flour. I ordered the Coupa Duo  1/2 Panini +  1/2 Salad ($7.50). My Rosemary Chicken Panini was enjoyable. This panini also had sliced Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and French Dijon. I was impressed with how juicy and flavorful the chicken was. My Caesar Salad was well-portioned and tasted incredibly fresh. While the Coupa Duo has a great value, I don't think there is anything particularly exceptional about it and wouldn't order it again. My friend's Ciabatta Burger ($9.95) was served with tomato, onion, lettuce and fries. Although the cashier said this was their most popular panini, it's not worth trying. The fries were delicious, but this overpriced burger was bland. Overall, I recommend sticking to their Venezuelan menu items.

4.0 2013-06-25

I enjoyed the almond mocha joy, which was way better than the latte because I love sweet drinks. The Venezuelan coffee tasted okay, nothing amazing. The location is nice, next to a tea shop. There are a few tables outside and lots of tables inside. Big location, air conditioned. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the service, quick and friendly. I saw a few people order the waffles with fruit, which looked amazing. I wish ordered that for breakfast versus the strawberry pound cake (good, but not spectacular).

4.0 2013-06-22

I have to say that, for the most part, I really enjoy this place. I like the selection - and flavor - of the food, and love their chai lattes. The barista almost always does some cool design or image with the foam on top. :)  I appreciate finding a place where I can hang out and do some work with my laptop or read a book, and I don't feel out of place being alone. I also like the downtown location, as well as the option to sit inside or out. There's a fairly (for Palo Alto anyway) eclectic clientele of friendly, happy people of all ages (and some nice "eye candy"!). For the most part, the staff is friendly and helpful. Food is good, reliable, and consistent. The Beverly Hills chopped salad is great for lunch or a light dinner.

2.0 2013-06-22

WARNING: THERE IS NO FREE WIFI HERE ON THE WEEKENDS. I came here over the weekend with the boyfriend, hoping to get some work done for a couple of hours. After ordering two medium sized lattes and sitting in for about 30minutes while using their "free" wifi, their wifi "disappears". We asked the guy behind the counter to find them say "we don't have wifi on the weekends". So much for trying to get some work done on the weekends at Coupa Cafe. I'd hope that with a 4 star rating, 800+ reviews, Coupa Cafe would be a good place during the weekend. Guess again....

4.0 2013-06-22

Hot cocoa is here is incredibly rich and some of the best I've ever had.  Apparently there's a location in Beverly Hills as well so I won't have to go all the way back up to the Bay Area to get some more of this creamy goodness.  The Venezuelan decor inside the restaurant is super cool and the couch seats in the back seem like they'd make a really really good place to study.You've got it good here, Stanford/PA kids!

3.0 2013-06-15

As someone who has sort of been going to Coupa on and off for the past few years, I used to believe that this was the place to have the perfect latte. But having come here with a coffee aficionado friend after a coffee tasting day, the latte seemed a bit too watered down for me. This was the first time I really noticed it. A flaw? Maybe. I just felt like a little more milk could be added. The drink was quite bitter but the flavor of coffee was pretty weak. I do have to say that Coupa is one of those lovely places to meet and catch up with a friend. Just might not get coffee from them anymore.tldr; the ambience is what sells this place

4.0 2013-06-14

Little expensive but yum-oh!

2.0 2013-06-12

I and my friends have been regulars at Coupa Cafe since high school, and it has been a regular meeting grounds for us for about 5 years now. Their drinks are delicious if not a bit sugary, and they have some great desserts and pastries. I'm not sure if their management has changed, and I don't want to write them off after one bad experience, but when I was at Coupa last night, the service was horribly rude. It might have just been the manager, but when I tried to engage in a friendly chat at the cash register, he would not even make eye contact, let alone smile or act friendly. Later, though the cafe was not crowded and there were no parties waiting for a table, he approached myself and my friend, interrupted our conversation, quizzed us on how many items we had purchased, and un-subtly implied that we should leave. My friend and I tried to carry on our conversation, but we both felt so uncomfortable that shortly after we left.I hope this was a one-time occurrence, but I will likely be avoiding Coupa for a good while.

2.0 2013-06-12

Good food, but the portions felt like I was on prison rations and the prices were more appropriate for an airport kiosk!!

4.0 2013-06-11

great atmosphere, great and affordable drinks/food for this area.....   and has room to sit and enjoy...., not cramped

5.0 2013-06-10

The boy had a job interview in Palo Alto&I told him to just drop me off here to wait. It was sooo crowded, but I was able to snag a corner table outside. Service was friendly&efficient. I got the salmon scramble with no cream cheese & with avocado and the spicy hot chocolate. Everything tasted really fresh and delicious! The scramble kept me full for the rest of the day... there was so much food! It was perfect for my post-workout meal. The hot chocolate was really flavorful&not too sweet. Perfect!I can't wait to come back! Yum!

3.0 2013-06-07

Lovely atmosphere and open pretty late by Palo Alto standards. Baristas know their craft and the desserts are a nice way to cap off a well-spent evening. Last night's chocolate mousse hit the right flavor notes, but the texture was a bit grainy for my taste.

5.0 2013-06-05

I simply adore Coupa Cafe! Such a wonderful place to eat, The food is great and priced so amazingly. I am always making the drive to Palo Alto with my husband just so we can eat here.

4.0 2013-06-02

The coffee here is insanely strong. The two featured Venezuelan lattes include the café caracas and the marrón. Both are bold in flavor and will surely wake you up. They also have a decently priced lunch menu. I enjoyed the pesto chicken crepe and their salads are large and dressed well.

3.0 2013-06-01

Coupa on campus is better.I got my coffee off the counter and it is not hot enough.  =(

4.0 2013-06-01

This location was so much better than the Beverly Hills location. It's very small so it definitely gets cramped during peak hours. My hot cocoa was delicious -- super rich and creamy.I would definitely head back here again to try some of their other menu items -- especially their pastries and drinks.

5.0 2013-05-29

Nice ambiance, delicious food, delicious pastries, and delicious drinks!!!! Wow!! The Mexican Hot Chocolate here is to die for.Fun, upbeat, and quirky atmosphere at night too. Give it a try!

2.0 2013-05-28

2.5 starsThe espresso in this place is very bad. Cheap, tasteless Indonesian robusta, over burnt roast. It was almost brewed right with the correct amount of cream. - 1 star On the upside - the environment is nice, place is small, very well lit and not very noisy. The crowd of "working" people with their laptops out on the tables is mostly contained to the front section, so you can actually enjoy a beverage and a conversation in the back (if the beverages were good - check above). - 4 starts.Average 2.5

4.0 2013-05-28

I just spent 2 hours here waiting for a friend to get out of an interview at Stanford University. I got the Spanish Maya hot chocolate--nothing like I've ever had before. I could taste the spices that blended well with the richness of the Venezuelan chocolate. I also had some yummy warmed-up banana bread. The people working were extremely nice and the service was great. The interior/exterior design is simple yet elegant and inviting. It's obvious when you're here that lots of different people meet here for various purposes. It can get cozy inside so be prepared to share if need be. If I was here longer, I would try more food and pastries. This is pretty much a must-visit establishment in Palo Alto--good for killing time, thirsts, and appetites.

1.0 2013-05-23

What the hell is so special about this place? The coffee is mediocre, pastries are pedestrian, and the atmosphere is dismal.  Tons of people withering away behind laptop screens.  THAT'S NOT WHAT A CAFE IS FOR, PEOPLE!  It's like a social wasteland with yucky coffee and food.  Why waste your time and money?

5.0 2013-05-20

Excellent food! Extremely attentive service! Great atmosphere!Enough said!

4.0 2013-05-18

This cute cafe is located a little off the downtown PA strip. However, this little place is hard to overlook with the amount of customers they receive. Took my bf here before heading over to Watercourse Way. When we walked in, we asked for a menu and tried to decide what to order. I end up choosing the spinach quiche and he ordered the smoked salmon crepe. To go with it, I ordered an earl grey and got him a macchiato. I asked the barista if he could do a cool design on the macchiato to surprise my boyfriend with. He was hesitant at first, but then he said he'd try. Try he did, he made a little heart on it! My tea was also very special with a little pot, saucer, and big mug. I also really liked the brand of tea they used! The quiche came with a side of salad and was so delicious! My bf also really enjoyed his crepe as well. However, if you are going there on an empty stomach, the quiche and crepe for two is definitely not enough! Make sure to order something else along with the two or order something more filling instead. Overall, my bf  and I was mainly interesting in how they use bit coins and the quality of the food/drinks.

5.0 2013-05-16

The Tiger Chai and atmosphere are great, but it's not just a coffee shop. All of the food that I have sampled so far is fantastic. The arepas are very nice, and the pesto penne pasta is great. They also have a decent selection of bottled beers and are open until 11:00 pm, after most of the other restaurants in the area are closed.

5.0 2013-05-15

Cafe caracas... :)

4.0 2013-05-14

This is a great, quaint, coffee shop hidden off University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto.  As a longtime denizen of University Ave., I was surprised I have never heard of this spot prior to meeting a contact here.  Normally I camp out at Paris Baguette or Peet's.  I loved the chuao spicy maya cafe mocha, which definitely had a kick in terms of caffeine and spice.  Coupa's has reasonably fast wifi and great atmosphere.  The only issue is that it gets quite crowded into the evening.  One may want to try elsewhere for a more deserted scene or shorter waits.

5.0 2013-05-14

What a gem!  You can find anything you want to eat here and it's all delicious!  I opted for the ham and cheese crepe.  My lunch partner had the salad special.  Mine was was pretty darn good and hers looked great (too large to finish so she ended up taking half home).  I wistfully looked at the dessert case and found it very difficult to practice self-discipline -- but I managed to successfully avoid the red velvet cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate decadence cake (ugh, I think I'm salivating again).There are plenty of options for seating - outdoors or indoors in a nice ambiance.  The line might be long to order, but you get through it fast and the food comes up quickly.

1.0 2013-05-09

Maybe I just had a bad experience. Or maybe something needs to change.It started off fine. I've been to Coupa Cafe before and it's always a very busy place. But I'm always looking for nice cafes to get work done/catch up with friends (most cafes know that is why people go there), and I thought I'd give it another visit since it has nice decor and enough seats (clearly not enough as you will read). But in all my cafe explorations, I have never been given an ultimatum to leave the place or purchase something else. And that too, within an hour of us walking in.Two of us arrived at 2pm, bought a $4.50 small coupa smoothie (tasty), which is already double the price of the same size Jamba smoothie (just as tasty). We had been sitting on our laptops for just about 1 hour, when the manager (?) came up to us and matter-of-factly said he had seen us sitting there for a long time and we either had to leave or purchase something substantial, and this was the max time we could sit there without buying more. I said we just came an hour ago and had already bought a smoothie. Apparently that was not enough of a purchase, and we were taking the seats of "real customers." He went around to two other tables and said the same thing -- so at least it wasn't obvious discrimination. We could have gotten another drink/dessert (would that have been enough?) and stuck around for a while, but who would want to after such a brazen encounter, and knowing very well that an hour later you'd be sent packing again. So we left and moved down to Peet's, where there is ample place to sit, nobody hitting your laptop as they squish past the crowded walkways, and nobody kicking you out after one hour.Look, if you're going to open up a cafe a couple blocks from a college campus and so close to bustling start ups, you should know that a lot of your customer population will be students looking for a place to study and innovative geniuses looking to create. If you are not in support of such activities, willing to turn away the discovery of the next best thing in your establishment, or simply going for a different vibe with your place, things need to change. Put up a sign that says "no laptops" or "please leave after 1 hour" or "buy more, to buy more time." But then with that, you would probably need an incremental chart of menu items and their corresponding time value. At least this way, people know what they are getting into when they enter your establishment. I understand when a place is as busy as Coupa, they need the space for other paying guests, they need to "run their business." But you do not kick out a customer after 1 hour of them sitting there. And if you must, there is a much nicer way of asking/encouraging such actions.It sounded to me like Coupa Cafe was not satisfied with my amount of business -- not a problem; they won't be getting it again.

4.0 2013-05-08

Sitting in a room full of other people with their laptops open with a cup of chai latte? Approved. There's spanish music in the background - it's not loud, it's quite nice. What else to say - I just like the ambience. Service is friendly, they have a solid selection of desserts and beverages, free-wifi, and it's a clean, chill place.Ah, I did try their Strawberry Delight dessert (strawberries + white chocolate) - only dare if you can handle a lot of sweet. The top part of the dessert is rich (on the verge of too sweet), and the bottom part becomes more liquid with pieces of strawberries. Yum.

5.0 2013-05-07

I super like the ambiance of this cafe - love the Spanish music!Studying: Yes, though they play (really good Spanish) music and outlets are limited to the first wall to the left.Lighting: Dim (especially in the evening)Cleanliness: Very cleanTea/Coffee: Vanilla Chai Latte ($3.10)Price Range: $$Service: Super friendly and welcomingWould I recommend: Yes

4.0 2013-05-06

This was a busy loud place at around 10am on a Monday.  I received great service from Mema?  Anyway he remembered my name and introduced himself to me.  I then ordered the grilled eggplant on panini.  Good and it came with a side of salad.  Under $10.  I am excited to try other food options and desserts as I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  Although, I wish they could fix the order area, it is hard to walk by, cramped cos of nearby tables.

5.0 2013-05-02

I don't think I've ever updated a review because it always goes down but this will be an exception!I went again with my parents on a Saturday morning for a lunch. We went before 11AM so there weren't a lot of people there (the sunny weather probably had something to do with it? most people were heading to the beach probably). This was the first time I ordered food here - my mom ordered a mango tarte, dad ordered a smoked salmon pasta?, and I ordered the breakfast burrito. here's the thing: the food here tastes like real home-made food - they do not overly saltify or butterfy (made up words haha) their food like most restaurants do. It's tastes like good home food. I liked the breakfast burrito, it was just... HUGE. I ate half of it and then gave the rest to my dad. In exchange (because I never give food for free mwahaha), i had a couple bites of his pasta. AND I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED THAT!!! It tasted... heavenly. Given that i love salmon, this pasta was just... perfect! i thought it looked super creamy and ew but it was just right. i'm going to be ordering that next time i go :)and of course, their coffee was good as ever. I think my mom ended up ordering one to go as well hahaha.

4.0 2013-04-27

It was one of those Fridays that I decided to take the day off to make it my own three-day weekend.  After running a few errands in the morning, my wife and I decided to head out for lunch while the kids were at school.Since we were near downtown Palo Alto, we figured we would find a place around here.  We were strolling up and down the streets, when we found this place.  This place has long been bookmarked for me to try.  We looked at the menu, and gave it a try.It was before noon, and the place was pretty full.  A good mixture of people meeting and catching up with each other, and a lot of laptop campers.  The cash register is between two display cases.  On the right are chocolate truffles, on the left is an array of baked goods, as well as sample displays of their daily specials.  One orders at the counter, pays, takes a number, then finds a seat.  Orders are brought to the table.We ordered:-Beverly Hills Chopped Salad (…): mesclun greens, romaine, chicken, tomatoes, olives, asparagus, and avocado with gouda cheese.  This was dressed with a dijon vinaigrette dressing.  Nice, bite sized pieces of salad.  The dressing coated the salad well, without being drenched.  Dressing had a nice little kick from the dijon mustard.-Mediterranean Panini (…): chicken breast with fresh mozzarella, mixed greens,sun-dried tomatoes and pesto and lemon vinaigrette.  This came with a side salad with a dijon vinaigrette.  Thick pieces of chicken breast were very tender and not try. A very tasty sandwich.-Black Forest Ham Arepa (…): Black forest ham and gouda grilled, then sandwiched between sliced cornmeal griddle cakes.  The griddle cakes were made to order.  Nice coarse texture to the hot griddle cakes, which complemented the oozing cheese from the gouda and ham.-Mint Lemonade:  a half liter cafe of lemonade with chopped mint leaves.  Pretty sweet, but still refreshing nonetheless.Overall, we enjoyed this place.  A very relaxing ambiance.  A great place to linger with another person, or by yourself.

3.0 2013-04-26

Coupa Cafe was a pleasant place to eat. I went on the recommendation of a friend I was visiting in Mountain View. The restaurant is not gluten-friendly but I did have a fantastic goat cheese and sun-dried tomato omelette. The kitchen was a little disorganized and my friend did not receive the bread she was supposed to with her order and they did forget the sun dried tomatoes in my omelette, but the service was great and they were quick to rectify the order when the mistake was noted.

4.0 2013-04-26

Weekday nights are crowds...lots of parking.

4.0 2013-04-24

the coffee, chai, and mochas are all good.  but what makes it for me is the overall atmosphere.  laid back, trendy, fresh, energetic.  great crowd.  young professionals and college students who are friendly and willing to engage in conversation.  i'd say this place is a great alternative to red rock in mountain view.

5.0 2013-04-20

Changed my mind from its empanaditas to its ZESTY-AWESOME-FILLED-LAST-PIECE Key Lime Pie!Did not regret any bite ...

3.0 2013-04-20

Been an off-and-on customer for a long time, but recent visits have made me more wary of going.  Ordered a single omelette (to-go) around 8pm on a Saturday, it wasn't that busy (1 food order before me).  I waited for 20 minutes.  I could've gone home and made the omelette myself in that time :( and the order before mine came out and was eaten before i got my food.Food was good, folks are nice, but if you want your food quickly, this is definitely not the place to go.

1.0 2013-04-18

I wish I could give this place zero stars. The coffee is way too intense for the sake of seeming authentic and the food is always overpriced and mediocre. They blatantly misguide customers into thinking they are buying from a company that values organic/sustainable ethics but if you look into the food preparation area all of their ingredients are premade and frozen. This would make up for the fact that its open late but there seem to never be enough open seats indoors. Sure, its kind of impressive how heinously over hyped the coffee here is and it makes for a pretty good place to take pseudo-coffee lover tech nerds but honestly the atmosphere is atrocious. You'd have to be blind to not immediately notice the unhappy, stressed environment. The employees are constantly on edge and the management seems to make a practice of publicly criticizing their productivity. That being said, there must be something noteworthy at this establishment because they seem to be pretty successful.

5.0 2013-04-16

I was looking for a refreshing beverage with caffeine. The barista suggested the specialty coffees. I bit!! I ordered the Vanilla Chai w/o milk. It was EXCELLENT! Also This is a great place for a short meeting on the outdoor terrace.

4.0 2013-04-15

Thumbs up for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Nice ambiance outside, very relaxed seating areas.

4.0 2013-04-11

Awesome coffee shop with great atmosphere and surprisingly good food. Only downside is it's pretty much always packed, so if people watching is your thing this might be the spot for you. Also, ground zero for startups.

3.0 2013-04-10

One of the few late night places in downtown Palo Alto. Hot chocolates were great! Had the mint one, and it was good at first.  Then it felt like I was drinking liquid chocolate candy....=/

5.0 2013-04-07

THE BEST CHAI EVER. That is it. Everything I have had here has been delicious, but their Vanilla Chai is honestly heavenly. It is a cool space with both indoor and outdoor seating. It gets very busy so you may have to wait to get a spot but it is well worth it. I have made multiple trips to Coupa just for the chai, and it is a must-go anytime you are in Palo Alto.

4.0 2013-04-05

I had the vegetarian spinach crepe. The crepe shell itself was quite tasty, I believe they are buckwheat crepes, which is quite a treat compared to what you get at other creperies in the area. The filling was spinach, mushroom, and cheese. All the flavors came together quite nicely. The ingredients tasted fresh.I also had the tiger spice chai. Which is also tasty (not too sweet, unlike a Starbucks chai). But it isn't an authentic chai taste from India and is concentrate/power based. These two things are unavoidable at any cafe around here. So ignoring that, the chai tasted pretty good.The staff was pleasant.

4.0 2013-04-03

We were visiting from OC and from the get-go the cashier was very welcoming and patient with us.  Egg plate was a bit bland but very good and the latte with almond milk was very bold but delicious.  This place is hip and that makes a business, especially with excellent customer service and a variety of food items and creative drinks!  Definitely going back before our trip is over!

3.0 2013-04-03

3.5 stars - this is just a review for the atmosphere:If anyone reading this is from Berkeley, then hopefully you'll understand me when I say that this place is like the Palo Alto version of Cafe Milano. The ambiance and foods they offer are quite similar, although the prices are a bit higher since it's in Palo Alto.It's a great place for some light studying if you're okay with the moderate noise level from the shuffling of people and chairs and the music playing. Personally it was a little loud for me, I would've preferred a quieter place, but I was trying to study for a midterm the day I went, so I picked the wrong place. I suppose you could just bring headphones and be alright. Maybe I just got unlucky and a bit extra-irritated when this one family with 3 whiny/crying babies came in and decided to have dinner. So they were there for a while, and it was just a disruption to the environment.Maybe I'll give this place another shot, but it's definitely louder than most. Nice place to meet with someone over a cute cup of coffee though.

4.0 2013-03-26

Really good espresso. Period. Isn't that enough for you people??Nice vibe, great place for a business meeting or a casual meeting with friends.

3.0 2013-03-26

They have nice brunch, but they get crowded now!

3.0 2013-03-25

Great location and feel. LOve the coolness during the heat that this place has.LOts of great food as well. I would suggest staying away from the flavored coffees lattes as the flavors are too powerful. My coffee was a bit burned. Good thing this place has more to offer.

4.0 2013-03-24

try the Venezuelan specialties.  The hot chocolate is amazing!  I spy techies galore here.

5.0 2013-03-21

This cafe and coffee shop always busy with high energy atmosphere, great coffee drinks and delicious food. Coupa is hands down,  my favorite place to grab coffee in Palo Alto!  The roast is fantastic with the best hint of bitter so you don't down your drink in a sip or two.  I always order the marrón made with soy milk.  Coupa is also know for their Tiger Spice Chai Latte or Hot Cocoa.  In addition, they feature a nice selection of fine chocolates here.During lunch hour Coupa is jam packed with the Palo Alto tech crowd and open laptops.  There is free wifi. Seating is available both inside and outside. Bicycle parking conveniently available.

4.0 2013-03-19

A charming and moderately quiet place to get some work done. You can use their free wifi, and they will cleverly require you to "check-in" on Facebook before you can access their wifi. :PEver since watching Lasse Hallström's film Chocolat, I've been dying to try hot chocolate with chili. Coupa's Spicy Hot Chocolate is pretty much what I expected it to be! So if you're looking to try some exotic flavored hot chocolate, Coupa's your place to go.

4.0 2013-03-17

Tiger spice chai latte and a latte were both excellent. Food was decent, but nothing special.

4.0 2013-03-17

Came here for a late night hot chocolate after an evening of star gazing in San Francisco, and really enjoyed this cafe.  Coupa is the perfect little cafe.  I wasn't a huge fan of their hot chocolate since it was very basic and a little bland, but I tried their chai as well, and it was phenomenal.  I would come back here just for the vibe.  It really was the perfect way to end a night in California.

5.0 2013-02-26

Simply the Best! What I love most is no matter how crazy it gets the staff keeps their cool. Love starting my day here!!

4.0 2013-02-22

Love their smooth Elephant Vanilla Chai and their delicious desserts! My new favorite is the lemon poppy seed...perfect moist texture and love the burst of lemon flavor! Also love the Majorlaine dessert bc of the layers of chocolate and hazelnut combo! Definitely a great place to hangout with friends or on your own with your laptop or a good book.  Seating inside is cozy and outside seating gives you the excellent view of the live happenings across the street.  Busy all week long on weeknights and weekends.  Hands down one of the best coffee houses and most popular spot in Palo Alto!!!

3.0 2013-02-18

They do a decent job for brunch but nothing special.  I tried the breakfast arepa with eggs, bacon, and  gouda and the BF had the ham and cheese scramble, both pretty mediocre.I would guess the only reason this place is so popular is the free wifi.

3.0 2013-02-18

I've loved Coupa for years, but it's gotten a bit too crowded and lost much of it's charm.The food and drinks - especially the Tiger Chai - are great, but it's no longer a good place to chit-chat, relax, or get work done.I texted the manager (they have a flyer encouraging customers to do this) to complain about my terrible experience on Presidents Day (mistake with my food, no wifi, etc.), and after I wrote the same comments on Yelp, he got back to me with a nice apology and an offer to make things right, so at least they still value their customers.

4.0 2013-02-17

I spent a day working here and was pleasantly surprised how nice this cafe is. There is ample seating in the restaurant, although it does get very full by late morning/lunchtime. The ambience is nice, very upscale without being uncomfortable or pretentious. The food and coffee/tea is also of good quality. I'd come back to work again if I was around the area. The coziness sets this place apart

4.0 2013-02-15

I've been to Coupa several times since my earlier review and have had some of their food, not just coffee.It remains a very busy place, so you may have to take an initial spot and then keep your eye open for a better one (especially if you need laptop charging).The food menu is extensive, and the salmon crepe and capresa panini that I have had were very good. I like how there are coffee and food offerings that reflect the coffee shop's Latin American heritage.This coffee shop is a great place for doing work, and also a cool spot for listening in on all the business meetings happening around you. Most people in groups are meeting to discuss their tech company or startup, and you can almost see the whole "Palo Alto tech/start up culture" around you. I find that this place is patronized by more well-established tech players than Red Rock in Mountain View, which also has that "start up" vibe, but in their case it's mostly younger people working on apps or preliminary stage ventures. Many of the people I see holding meetings at Coupa are older and working for more established companies, not just newly established startups.

3.0 2013-02-13

Cute place for lunch with its Spanish decor, but food was just OK. Cappuccino was really good though. Mini empanadas were decent, too. The food all looked really good as it came by, but the French Toast was too bready - not much texture. The tuna sandwich on baguette was ok, but the bread was really hard. It can definitely cut the roof of your mouth. Also, food took quite a while. You order at the counter and the food is brought to you, but there was no sign indicating this. There was no line either so we were kinda lost and the waitress didn't bother to tell us either. Won't be back...

5.0 2013-02-10

Great hot chocolate, super nice staff. Bit busy but worth it! Great free wifi(fast) and you never feel rushed. Great place!

4.0 2013-02-09

The coffee is amazing and the super friendly with very good food, but the service can be slow so don't come here if you're in a hurry.  Often times I'll meet friends for coffee or lunch because it's a great community hangout.  I've had several of their food items and they're all really good.  Parking can be a nuisance, especially if you're not lucky and can't find free street parkting.

3.0 2013-02-08

The cafe is nice and cozy with a cute window of bites and desserts. Thank goodness they have heaters outside, because I came late at night and all the tables inside were occupied.I ordered a black tea $2.99, it was good. I liked how they give you a hot water tea pot so you can refill as you finish your cup. Also a plus that it's just a tea bag and sweeteners are self-serve.Two desserts, one tiramisu, almond cake, $12-something. Tiramisu I liked, but I didn't like the coco powder sprinkled on top. It tasted like cardboard drying up my mouth. The almond cake was good, but the dark chocolate was so thick and hard, it was difficult to crack to eat it clean. I'm also not a fan of dark chocolate.Besides what I ordered, the waiter was extremely rude to me. It was my first time and I wasn't sure how their ordering worked. He was very impatient with me and gave me attitude. I didn't appreciate that one bit. Reading all these good reviews and seeing a busy restaurant should also mean that customer service is excellent, but I guess not for me.Two-way street is a bit narrow and parking is difficult to find on the street. There is a convenient free garage right across the street, also very narrow.Overall, I would come back if I was in the area. I enjoyed the tea and it's a relaxing place to just sit and chat for a couple hours.

3.0 2013-01-31

Not many places to get a bite late at night in downtown Palo Alto--pretty much it's between this and Peninsula Creamery. Very different vibes. I'd pick one over the other depending on how the mood strikes. The food varies. My empanada with shredded beef and dipping sauces was underwhelming and small. Try something else, like the cachada (sp.?).Mostly I agree with the other reviews, but I wanted to add one point:This evening they served us about 15  minutes before weeknight closing time at 11pm. But they didn't give us time to finish our food, ordering us out of the cafe at 11 sharp. You don't do this. Tell customers when they're ordering that the food is sold only to go after, say, 10:30pm. Don't sell food to be eaten on the premises and then forbid customers to do so. We almost never fail to tip the wait staff, but we all didn't tip the waiter this evening. So go enjoy yourself, but be prepared to get the bum's rush the second the place closes, regardless of when you were served your food.

3.0 2013-01-18

I must say that I love the atmosphere at Coupa Cafe. However, I have two main concerns. First, I was dissapointed to find out that the cafe is not very student friendly. They SHUT DOWN their WIFI on the weekends, which is rather unusual to me. When I asked them as to why, they told me they don't want students taking over tables for a long time. I guess it is bad for business. Secondly, the room in the back has NO OUTLETS!!! If you can't find a table in the first room and you have an old laptop that runs out of battery quickly, then you are just screwed.... I really don't understand these policies... I wish cafes in Palo Alto were more student-friendly.

5.0 2013-01-18

The fabulous quality of the food at Coupa becomes all the more amazing when you realize what an enormous menu they have.In my experience, restaurants with very long menus usually overextend themselves. In order to keep such an enormous selection around, they have to rely on ingredients that aren't fresh. The cooks keep having to make different things all the time, so they never really get the hang of anything in particular.Not so at Coupa. All their dishes are prepared with the utmost care, not only to taste but also to visual presentation: lattes get pretty little pictures drawn in the foam, salads are arranged just so, and any failure to live up to those high standards is accompanied by profuse excuses--one time they ran out of whipped cream and the waitress made it sound like she had just informed me she would have to serve me cat food.The menu, as I mentioned, is long, but it has a heavy emphasis on light lunch. If you want a big plate heaped with greasies, you should go across the street to The Old Pro. Most of what Coupa serves is eminently _sensible_. If you are vegetarian, there are plenty of options.The owner is from Venezuela and indeed Coupa has many Venezuelan dishes on the menu, but you can easily eat there every day for a week without touching anything uniquely Venezuelan if you are silly enough to insist on that. The rest of the menu is bistro-themed, and there is a modest but tasty selection of American-style breakfast foods.And, of course, Coupa is not only a bistro; it is also a café. It's a fine place to have a coffee. And keeping with the theme of variety, Coupa does not specialize in any particular preparation method. They have espresso drinks, one-at-a-time made-to-order drip coffee, french press, and probably other varieties I forget.Given the quality of the food, the prime location in downtown Palo Alto, and the reputation the place has as the canonical meeting location for the local high-tech and software business, the prices are pretty reasonable. Obviously, you'll pay less for lunch if you go to Subway, but if that's what you want, then, well, that's what you should do--no shame in eating at Subway, I would say, just don't expect the attention to detail and the excellent ingredients you can find here.Last, let me mention a couple of amusing details.Coupa, unlike many other places like it, has actually addressed the problem you get in a lot of daytime casual restaurants where people like to go for lunch and snacks: many people arrive by themselves, and you end up with lots of half-occupied tables and nowhere for additional customers to sit. They do employ the standard bistro solution of very small tables, but they also have a communal table where a sign makes it quite clear that you are not to complain if others join you. That communal table ensures that, even when it is crowded, there is virtually always a place to sit at Coupa.Secondly, Coupa being at the center of the software startup industry, they like to play guinea pig for various services related to restaurants and small business more generally. Whenever you go there, you'll probably have the option of paying with at least one very unusual payment technology. At the moment, their cash register lists all prices not just in US dollars, but also in bitcoin.

4.0 2013-01-06

Really nice little cafe in Palo Alto.  Yeah, I prefer the fresh personal coffee at Philz, but this place had some good stuff.  I got the drip coffee, and the fiancee got a nice tea.  They had some food that looked great, and a fun atmosphere.  Maybe not the best coffee shop to get any work done, since it's a little loud.  But I would come back for a quick lunch or a mid day pick me up.

2.0 2013-01-06

No service, many people in lines. Poor menus choose. Good espresso drinks.

3.0 2013-01-05

Perfect place on rainy day.the service has improved, somewhat. the order takers still think they know better than the customers - somehow the do not know that we can think for ourselves.The "nice factor" is still at Zero - the staff behind the counter is deprived of smiles, and english remains to be a challange to some.Seating area - great, cleanlines, great, and service timing - good. But common sense is lacking - how does a customer take three items (hot drinks) without a tray - but asking for one is easy.All together, I love this place, and inspite of the "people skills" the drinks and food is delicious.

4.0 2013-01-02

They've solved the customer wait queue reported on my last visits. There's a guy in a blue shirt who often runs the register. I think he's the owner. I usually order coffee and/or a scrambled eggs dish. Always good baked products here, in my opinion. I appreciate the work of all staff here. Good hot chocolate and espresso drinks. I think coffee here is the best!  Actionable stuff management or staff could do to improve the place: nothing.

4.0 2013-01-01

Love Coupa Cafe!  Their coffee and food are excellent.  I wish they had a bit more space on cold days, but it doesn't differ me from going there.  The staff is friendly and helpful, and I thought it was great on New Year's Eve that they designed a clock and a Happy New Year 2013 on my latte!  Great place for breakfast, lunch, coffee :)

3.0 2012-12-28

Great for: spicy hot chocolate (the BEST), expensive but tasty chocolatesGood for: camping out and studying in a cozy (if not cramped) environment, overpriced but decent tea, overpriced but decent cakes/pastriesNot so good for: coffeeSo, there you have it. I spent a lot of time at Coupa as a student, even if their coffee was vile, because it provides a great atmosphere for studying and the menu has a few winners.

4.0 2012-12-28

Lively cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating. Their menu includes lunch , brunch, coffee, tea, and pastries. The way it works is that you will order your food and they will provide you with a number to place on your table. Had a crepe with Salmon that was pretty average. Will come back to try the coffee next time.

5.0 2012-12-27

It's a nice little cafe in downtown Palo Alto. Not only is their coffee pretty good stuff (I'm not a coffee drinker, so i can't judge that accurately), and not only are their desserts absolutely delicious, but their venezuelan food is tasty too to top everything all off.Arepas - Absolutely delicious, super flavorful, well-proportioned, huge variety of different flavorsPaninis - Similar story - extremely delicious, comes with a side salad (ew...I don't like a pure argula salad though), but very nice.Crepes - They're heavenly (I'm not known to be the best judge of good crepes though) Well stuffed, and makes an awesome dessert to a mealThe place itself is a bit more crowded than the Beverley Hills location, but granted, it's Palo Alto. They also make the space really cozy and nice for studying or quiet like group bonding time and all, with really comfy and cozy furniture and a nice outdoor patio area for louder group meeting times.Ideally, they would have a lot more seating available (just went and they were fully packed, so my group of friends and I headed over to another place instead), but given that downtown Palo Alto had no room, I won't ding them on this. They're just that popular as they're that amazing.Overall - food is great, portions not bad and really flavorful, but the price is a little on the pricier end. It's a nice place, but a little on the more overpriced side for my liking.

4.0 2012-12-25

Probably the most popular coffee place in Palo Alto, if not the best. It always seems busy enough that you won't be able to sit down but there always seems to be one spot, though maybe I'm just lucky.There's also real food (suitable for a meal) so if you need to get a bunch of work done you won't need to worry about going hungry at this place. That's assuming you are good at zoning people/noise out though as this place is pretty loud.

4.0 2012-12-23

Good coffee....good food...good company. We decided to have a bit of breakfast here; always good to get a few plantains with the eggs to perk up the morning. Partner had a breakfast burrito and declared it delicious. Will always go to the smaller, [semi] independent place before the evil empire of green....Starbucks.

4.0 2012-12-18

I'm particularly fond of Coupa Café, because I happened to meet one of Yelp's most eligible bachelors there. I've stepped my toes inside on more than a few occasions eyeing the desserts, then consciously deciding to walk the other way. I was ignorantly under the impression, this place was strictly all about the desserts, coffees and teas. To my surprise, they have sooo much more to offer then just your typical café!Red wines by the glass? Salads with local, fresh, seasonal ingredients? Count me in...I ordered the Garden Salad--a variety of garden greens tossed with apples, grapes, pears, cucumbers, toasted walnuts, and topped with laura chenel goat cheese tossed in honey vinaigrette. This is a well-sized proportion, but if you've been running and doing yoga all day long, it is the perfect amount.If you want to sample a few wines before you come to a decision, the cashier will give you a taste! I opted for the Veremonte Cabernet Sauvignon. Yes, I am aware that I could've probably made this at home or enjoyed similar menu selections at several other places in the area, but it was great to have here at that point in time.Coupa is great for Being Super Casual : I was in my yoga pants (super casual and kinda sweaty)Meeting New Friends off the "weird wide web": I was meeting someone new, only option was a very open, public place (hahaha)Being Comfortable: It's nice and cozy, seat yourself-- laid back, down to earth etc etc. Would I return to Coupa? In a heart beat. I love the atmosphere, staff and the whole logistics around this busy café, in the heart of downtown Palo Alto.

5.0 2012-12-18

Amazing mochas, spicy or regular. A must have !

4.0 2012-12-17

Best chuao hot chocolate - spicy mayaour rediscovery of an ancient recipe that delicately   balances spices, cayenne peppers, pasilla & cinnamon with premium venezuelan chocolate.

5.0 2012-12-13

This place is pretty good if you're willing to pay a little more for coffee and food.  But I would say that the quality justifies their pricing.  The ingredients used are actually really good and their coffee is superb.  I usually order the guyoyo for an extra pick me up.  Environment is pleasant and definitely a welcoming place.

1.0 2012-12-12

It's been three years, they must have taken the negative reviews to heart and improved their coffee, right?  Sadly wrong.  Still overly-pricey, bitter swill.

3.0 2012-12-12

Sweet little cafe across Nola's. I had a soy chai latte and my girly had the pumpkin spice latte. I was disappointed with my drink...nothing chai about it and it just tasted watered down with espresso...the pumpkin spice however was really yummy! I was sad I didn't order that. The barista made a super cute panda design in the cup and a heart! Super cute!

3.0 2012-12-11

Decent hot drinks and desserts but more often visited because it's a commonly known spot. Best memory of the place was a date I was on where the guy told me dating was so anachronistic. It's quite entertaining to (non) date people who have mastered the art of polysyllabic vernacular.

4.0 2012-12-11

The cafe itself is very cozy, clean and cute. I ordered their pumpkin spice soy latte which came with an adorable panda bear design :) I found it odd that some specific drinks came with one shot while others came with three? My small pumpkin spice came with one shot while my friends small chai latte came with three which she found to be too strong. Overall, the pumpkin spice was smooth, creamy and delicious but i could have definitely had another shot to go along with it.

3.0 2012-12-10

I went here on a Sunday to celebrate with some classmates after finishing the final. We each ordered breakfast and some mimosas. The mimosas were delicious and the cafe gave us their mini bottles of champagne along with it so I like that we had the choice to top off our drinks. The food was ok. I got poached eggs and I felt like they weren't the best. I think some of the other plates were better and some of my classmates got omelets so I'm not sure how those turned out but I think I should have ordered that.The owner looked nice but busy and the staff was nice enough to take a picture of us so I do appreciate that. I've heard the coffee is amazing from a friend but I was already hopped up on caffeine so I didn't get any. I'd probably go back here to just sit and get a coffee and do some reading but I'm not sure if its that kind of place or more of a place to get your meal and go.I put down 3 stars because I think the breakfast could have been better but I do recommend people check this place out and try the other items on the menu.

5.0 2012-12-03

Best Latte in the Bay Area!!

1.0 2012-12-01

My friend and I visited this cafe for a Saturday brunch and study session after we couldn't find seats at Philz Coffee nearby. I ordered a breakfast bagel sandwich and an OJ, and although the price seemed a little steep ($8 for a bagel sandwich?), it was delicious.Then as we were getting settled down, one of the staff approaches us and asks us if we could move - we were sitting at the end of one of those long wooden tables they have at cafes for people to study at - because there was a big party of people looking for seats. We were reluctant but obliged. Afterwards we moved again when a bigger table opened up, because the small table was barely big enough to fit my laptop and my friend's book, save two cups of water, notepads, and pens.Then about an hour and a half later, the same staff comes to us and asks us *again* if we could move to another table. We told him that we've already been moving around because they asked us to free our original seats, and that we wouldn't move. There were other people sitting at nearby tables - why couldn't they ask those people to move? On top of that, I needed to plug in my charger, and the table that they wanted to move us to didn't have any plugs nearby.Then someone who seemed like the manager comes to us and tells us that he "needs to run a business" and he knows our studying might be important but his business is more so, and that we have to move. When we both gave him disbelieving stares at how rude he was being, and my friend started to tell him "Excuse me, you are being incredibly rude," he walked away, ignoring my friend.My friend and I will never set foot in this place In the bathroom, they have posted a review on the wall that talks about how the food is good but the service is not. How hard must it have been to find a review that praises their service if they had to post that in the bathroom to advertise their business?EDIT:In response to the comment on this review, no, there was not any sign that the table was reserved when we sat down at the long table. In fact, the staff placed the "reserved" sign in front of us while we were sitting at the table, which we thought was very weird.Also, we stayed at the cafe for about 3 hours, not 5-6 hours as asserted. It seemed like at least 80% of the customers at Coupa were there to use their laptops and enjoy coffee with snacks, not to be waited on and leave right afterwards.Thank you for your response, but it is quite disappointing how you are trying to justify rude behavior.

2.0 2012-11-28

This is the impression from my first visit today.  Might give it another shot since a lot people seem to like it here, but the crappy customer service kinda killed it for me.I ordered a large flamingo chai, which is listed as sugar-free, and asked if it would be unsweetened (which is how I prefer my chai).  I was told that it was still "very sweet," but I inquired about what the substitute sweetener was, the woman at the counter said that she didn't know.  When I asked if anyone else behind the counter might know, she got really impatient and dismissive and kept saying "It's from a mix, we have no idea. It's from a mix" and kind of waving her hands at me like I was stupid for even asking.  This is for taking up about 15 seconds of her time and asking a reasonable question nicely...not a very good way to treat your customers.  Also, how does NO one in the whole cafe know what sweetener is in the sugar-free drinks?!  Nevertheless, I was cold and short on time so proceeded with the order.I inquired about the chocolate bonbons, and decided I didn't want to get one after this same woman told me the price ($2.25 for a candy the size of about 1.5 Hershey's Kisses).  However, she went ahead and charged it to my card, saying she hadn't realized that I didn't want it, and that it was too late to undo.Two stars because I enjoyed the cozy though crowded ambiance, the bonbon tasted good (though not worth $2.25), and the "mystery ingredient" chai pretty smooth and fragrant despite being "from a mix."

4.0 2012-11-26

Coffee is a 3Food is a 4Environment is a 5

5.0 2012-11-21

Great food and service.

3.0 2012-11-16

Trendy coffee spot in Palo Alto---I believe the lure is the Venezuelan coffee and desserts.  I got the *spiced* hot chocolate...highly recommend!

3.0 2012-11-15

A little cafe with a studious hipster vibe where you can people watch while you get your study on, if you're lucky enough to snag a seat in this bustling place. LOVE the hot chocolate--made with rich Venezuelan chocolate and topped with the requisite pretty frothy design. Personally I like the regular over the spicy version, but it's definitely something unique to try for yourself. Perfect for this cold fall weather, especially if you end up with one of the tables outside. They also sell them by the tins, in case anyone is in need of some holiday gift ideas. Did not enjoy the food as much--my roommates and I ordered 3 different crepes and all felt we had had better. The smoked salmon crepe was slightly dry and not very filling, and the Denver crepe, though much more substantial, was again nothing special. And maybe we're not hip and health-concious enough, but I wasn't a fan of the buckwheat flour they use to make the crepe. They do have other food--paninis, salads, pastas, and some very delicious looking chocolates--so maybe we just didn't try the right things. But I'd go back just for the hot chocolate.

1.0 2012-11-11

I ordered a pumpkin spiced chai. When I was handed my drink the barista told me it was a pumpkin latte. I told him I asked for the chai and he nodded his head and said "oh, yes. It's a chai". Upon leaving and getting in my car I realized that it was in fact a latte. Additionally, I specifically asked for fat free milk and I saw the barista pull out whole milk without a second glance.Blatant lies from an establishment gets 1 star.