Detecting User Intent for Precision Advertising and Targeted Marketing

Our technology detects and extracts the most relevant keywords from user-generated content for targeted advertising and recommendations. Give it a try below.

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Adwords Degree of Relevance

Changing the Online Advertising Landscape

In the world of online ads, when an ad is irrelevant, users are annoyed and merchants are wasting their money. Yet people are constantly looking for things they need or want to do. The key is to show relevant advertisements, which can not only serve advertisers more effectively, but also be welcomed by users who actually need the advertised products or services.

With so much of today's user-generated content on the web in the form of unstructured text such as blogs, statuses, comments, and tweets, and emails, there is a wealth of information for relevant targeted advertising.

For example, in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or other messaging systems, users are constantly broadcasting their status about what they want for lunch, asking their friends for product recommendations, or just planning out their weekend. Buried within these updates is information about what they intend to do. Conventional approaches still rely mainly on user profiles with structured data such as "likes" or "click history" to guess the most relevant advertisement to display, ignoring the actual content of what users are saying. This can often lead to irrelevant ads that annoy or are largely ignored by many people.

User intent is the golden nugget in data mining for advertisements, and we are developing the technology to extract that information and make it readily available for advertisers and marketers. Using our unique patented and patent-pending natural language technologies, we can help you create highly accurate, targeted ads based on user expressions. Not only can we determine what a user really wants, but we can also cut through the noise and determine what they don't want, thereby optimizing your ad dollars.

Try a few examples for yourself. Currently, we're in a pre-beta version, so it's constantly being improved. We'd love to hear your feedback, so please send us an email at and we'll set up an account for you to participate in our beta test.